“Serena Williams was never meant to dominate the sport of tennis; she was hyper-criticized; if she wore her hair or her outfit a certain way, her body structure”


Academy Award-winning producer Van Lathan and famed media personality Rachel Lindsay recently reunited on a podcast to discuss Serena Williams and her legacy.

Lindsay argued that Williams’ run is what makes her accomplishments stand out more than they already do, given all the odds she had to overcome to become the grand champion she is today. today.

Speaking on the ‘Higher Learning’ podcast, Lindsay, who is also a lawyer, explained that the 40-year-old deserves all her applause because black women should never be successful in tennis.

Lindsay argued the same about Tiger Woods, but pointed out that the same could not be applied to Michael Jordan or Tom Brady in their respective sports because black men should be good at basketball while black men white men dominate American football.

“She was never meant to dominate her sport. She wasn’t. Tiger, you could almost make that argument too,” Rachel Lindsay said. “But for Michael Jordan, black men are good at basketball. Tom Brady, a white man is a great quarterback. I’m just saying – you know what I’m saying. I’m not discrediting what they did, this they accomplished but Serena Williams was never meant to dominate the sport of tennis. It was all against her.”

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Lindsay highlighted how Williams had to fight on both physical and mental fronts to overcome all the difficulties she faced.

“So she not only had to overcome things with physical talent, she had to do things mentally based on (being) a black woman and her socio-economic status,” she added. “To me, she’s so inspiring.”

She then doubled down on the immense criticism and hate Serena Williams has received throughout her career for the smallest of things.

“(If) she did a bad thing and was hyper-criticized for everything she did – if she had an attitude, if she wore her hair a certain way, if she wore her outfit ‘In a way, her body structure, everything she did was criticized,’ Lindsay said.

“Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady and certainly not Wayne Gretzky had to overcome the same things Serena Williams did” – Rachel Lindsay

National Bank Toronto Open - Day 5
National Bank Toronto Open – Day 5

Lindsay believes Williams has been unfairly criticized throughout her career and pointed out that other great athletes such as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady and Wayne Gretzky have never faced such vitriol.

The lawyer concluded by saying that the 23-time major champion inspired her.

“Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady and certainly not Wayne Gretzky had to overcome those same things, so for me the doors she knocked down and what she has – I don’t even play tennis – and she m ‘inspired,” Lindsay said. “It’s the effect, the Serena Williams effect.”

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