Gronk now dominates the fastest growing sport in America

Marcio Jose Sanchez. Shutterstock images.

Gronk has been retired for a few months now. Sure, the Buccaneers could use his help, but Gronk is going through his process! He deserves it. Yes, his girlfriend and agent think he’ll be back, but let the man enjoy his retirement while it lasts!

And how is Gronk enjoying his retirement? He plays pickleball. And by that, I mean he DOMINATES pickleball. Look at this massive dude whipping that ball around the court!

As a guy who grew up playing tennis and knows a pickleball court well, it seems like Gronk has never held a racquet in his life, BUT he absolutely crushes the ball! Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America and is very popular with retirees. It’s like tennis, but with less ground to cover, wooden paddles and a harder, slightly bigger wiffle ball. The main rule is not to go into the kitchen, which is the neat area indicated by a line in front. * Unless the ball bounces there, and when it does, you have to get out fast.

Gronk’s size in this environment is a monster advantage, as you can’t hit him through or over him. His opponents must essentially hope that he makes an unforced error. Enjoy the pickleball but come back soon Gronk!


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