Serena Williams’ influence reaches Ohio tennis players


COLUMBUS, Ohio — Edwin Amos is on the tennis court most of the time.

Amos played tennis competitively as a youth, but moved into coaching when he saw a need for development at the junior level. He was director of the Wolfe Park Tennis Association and developed tennis skills for thousands of children.

What do you want to know

  • Serena Williams has announced that she will take a step back from tennis after the US Open
  • Edwin Amos has helped develop children’s tennis skills for decades with the Wolfe Park Tennis Association
  • Williams has won six US Open titles
  • The WPTA has clinics for children and adults

“One of the things we have to teach a lot of kids to do first is to be an athlete,” Amos said. “How to move, how not to get discouraged if you miss a ball.”

Working in the world of tennis, Amos said it was impossible to coach the game without mentioning Serena Williams’ impact.

He has followed her career from the beginning and watched her achieve ultimate success. Amos said everything from her backhand to the way she uses the court influences her teaching.

“She goes through the ball and actually the elbows are high when she finishes,” Amos said. “She finishes high. It gives that lift to the ball. Don’t shoot, keep hitting your shots. It will fit, it will fit, if you have the right technique, it will fit.

As Amos coaches and teaches the players of the future, Serena’s impact remains on former players as well.

Ivana Mostofi played tennis competitively in middle school and high school, but put her racket down when she entered college. She still stops by the courts from time to time and said that Serena’s career has inspired her to always keep going.

“It was the fact that she was able to face so many chances and make a name for herself through the sport of tennis, so she definitely inspired me,” Amos said.

Serena Williams has announced that she will quit tennis after the US Open. Winner of dozens of Grand Slam awards, Amos is even more excited to see what she does off the pitch.

“When you talk about Serena and her contribution, I think her main contribution to the game is yet to come,” he said. “It came again.”

The Wolfe Park Tennis Association offers junior and adult programs. Their indoor tennis clinics begin in October.


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