Man from Vero Beach wants to create the next generation of table tennis players


While the United States has won a number of Olympic medals in the pool and on the track this week, there are a number of summer events in which Americans are rarely favored to win medals.

But at Vero Beach, a man wants to create the next generation of great table tennis players.

Tyson McCoy first contracted the virus at a science camp as a preteen.

“And they had a ping pong table and, man, I fell in love with it the first time,” McCoy said.

McCoy would go on to win table tennis tournaments in Florida and across the country.

He recently moved his Vero Beach table tennis club to the Vero Outlets just off Interstate 95.

“It was a big bet, but I knew table tennis, people loved it,” McCoy said. “Anyone can play. It doesn’t matter your height or athletic ability. You can be 2 years old. You can be 200 years old.”

While in the wake of the Olympics, McCoy would like to see table tennis gain a foothold here in the United States. What he would really like to see is that it becomes a varsity sport in the state of Florida.

“If I have four schools compete for two years on a regular schedule, then I can ask the state to become a varsity sport,” McCoy said.

To do this, a company McCoy works with gives him four tables which McCoy in turn plans to donate to four colleges in the county and coach interested students.

“They’re old enough to know how much they love their sport, but they’re young enough that they can make time off for themselves,” said McCoy.

Start with a paddle here and finish on a podium.

It would be a dream. Although many consider it to be just ping-pong.

“It can be ping pong. It can be table tennis,” McCoy said. “It’s great anyway.”

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