“I know Serena Williams is a long way from the sport, but she could come back for the double; maybe I can get her to play”


Venus and Serena Williams joined forces again for the doubles after a long gap at the 2022 US Open, taking a wildcard into the tournament. While their campaign may have ended prematurely in the first round, Venus only takes the positives back with her.

Speaking in a recent interview on her own YouTube channel, the seven-time Major winner recalled the experience of sharing the pitch with Serena Williams in front of home fans. Williams’ older sister said she was “super proud” of how they performed on Arthur Ashe that night.

Hinting further at a possible future collaboration with Serena – who ended her illustrious career at this year’s US Open, Venus said that despite Serena’s retirement, she could convince her to team up for the doubles at one. given time.

“I know for Serena I, we’ve had a lot of wins and even if she walks away from the sport, she could come back in doubles,” Venus said. “Maybe I can get her to play.”

“I don’t even know what I’m thinking anymore,” she continued. “But what I do know is that we played the game well when we play well and I’m super proud of what we are achieving on the pitch.”

Focusing on the different skills required for singles and doubles, Venus Williams said she always found the two disciplines to be different. The American was quick to add that she considers herself a singles player who brings a number of strengths to the doubles court.

“Although my strength, my strengths are in singles and I’m trying to take it to doubles,” Venus said. “And so we go out on the pitch at 7 a.m., opening prime time game. It was such an honor and I think it probably added the pressure of really wanting to play well for the crowd. I got that experience to play on this big pitch.”

‘They basically played flawless tennis’ – Venus over Serena Williams’ US Open 1R opponents in doubles

Venus and Serena Williams at the US Open 2022.
Venus and Serena Williams at the US Open 2022.

Venus Williams also recalled her performance in the doubles match at the US Open, saying she thought she and Serena Williams gave their best in the match – but were beaten by the tennis “flawlessly. of their opponents.

Recalling a nearly 10-minute service game she would host at the start of the contest, Venus said there are days when you can play your best and still not win.

“They basically played flawless tennis,” Venus said of her performance. “I don’t think they could play better. Well, there was a time when I think it took us, 10 minutes, old serve, I was serving and I wouldn’t let this game go.”

“So in doubles you just want to keep serve and then hopefully take a break,” she continued. “So it was super exciting to go out there and just hold the serve under the interview saying the circumstances. Sometimes you can play your best and you still don’t get the win.”

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