Two table tennis players to be banned for skipping Commonwealth Games matches


Two table tennis players from the Bangladesh national team are at risk of being hit with a ban after the two paddlers – Sonam Sultana Soma and Sadia Aktar Mou, skipped their matches at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and went visit their relatives in London, instead.

“The decision was taken unanimously at the executive committee meeting on Saturday because they tarnished the image of the country by giving away matches they were due to play on August 5,” the secretary said on Tuesday. General of the Bangladesh Table Tennis Federation, Sheikh Mohammad Jahangir Alam. .

The two paddlers from the Bangladesh side will be suspended from the international and national table tennis circuit for three and two years, respectively, for the incident.

A notice of justification will be issued shortly to both players.

Of the two players, Soma was scheduled to play 3 matches – women’s doubles, singles and mixed doubles while Mou only featured in doubles. However, neither was able to report the attendance to the relevant authority following their absence on the day of the match.

“Soma suffered a minor muscle injury on August 4 and retired mid-game before giving a knockdown in the following game,” Alam said, according to The Daily Star.

“Our team doctor assessed the injury which was not major and the doctor advised her to rest as she had games the following day.”

The next day, things took a different turn.

“I had a meeting with all the players on August 4 and asked them not to leave the Games Village, but the next day Soma called me to express his wish to visit London. I asked them questions on their matches of the day,” Alam said. .

“Later, they didn’t answer my calls, not even the calls from the mission leader, and came back to Games Village at 8:00 p.m..”

After causing such an incident during a multi-sport extravaganza, Soma and Mou will now be hit with a temporary ban.


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