“Russian tennis players should not play”


After Sergiy Stakhovsky, Alexander Dolgopolov also decided to join the reserve list of the Ukrainian army to personally fight the Russian invasion: “It was my decision and nobody could stop me. My father was sad. It was hard when we separated .

He was very worried and obviously no one wanted me there. But that’s the reality. It’s the war. I’m sure none of our children want to die or be in this war, but this is our land.” Several Ukrainian athletes have expressed their disappointment with the choice made by world tennis leaders, which allows tennis players Russians and Belarusians to compete without representing their country.

Russia and Belarus have been excluded from the most important team events, but according to Dolgopolov this is not enough.

Alexandr Dolgopolov against Russian tennis players: “They must not play”

Dolgopolov explained in an interview with Le Parisien: “The organizers of Roland Garros do not have the courage to take the only right decision at the moment: to ban Russian and Belarusian tennis players from participating in the tournament.

I’m too impressed with what’s going on to worry about it, but I think tennis has to make very different decisions than it does today. They take very gentle measures. We are at war against our nation, against our values.

It is not enough to say no to war. I know a lot of Russian tennis players and they are good people. I spoke to some of them and told them they couldn’t do what they were doing right now. Russia is not entitled to the privileges of the free world and one of them is to play tennis at the international level.

If Russian tennis players do not clearly condemn the actions of their government and recognize that what is happening is a mass murder of the Ukrainian civilian population, they should not be able to compete.” Dolgopolov also shares the same opinion as Sergiy Stakhovsky and Marta Kostyuk.


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