7 Best Cross-Training Workouts To Boost Your Tennis Game


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Whether you are a beginner or a tennis pro, there is always room for improvement to become a better player. If your tennis game needs a boost, one of the best strategies to improve your game is cross training. This involves using different training modes that will improve your shots, increase your stamina, or give more power to your serve and smash.

If you’re looking for the best cross workouts that will improve your tennis game, read on! We’ll share some of the best workouts that will help you unlock your full athletic potential.

Spice up your routine with these cross workouts. Staying fit and healthy will help you become a better tennis player. This is possible by incorporating cross training drills into your tennis training routine.

1. Run
One of the simplest and most influential drills in your tennis game is running. Short, intense running bursts are ideal when preparing for a tennis match. During the off-season, however, jogging may suffice.

It will provide the stamina needed to survive the match. More so, running is equally effective in strengthening the lower body and improving footwork, which is essential in a game of tennis.

2. Swimming

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Incorporating swimming into your training program can bring significant benefits. Among other things, it helps in the development of endurance. It will increase your stamina, making it easier for you to spend hours on the tennis court.

In addition, swimming is great for improving your flexibility. It works on your resistance without putting too much pressure on the body. In turn, it is easier to move around while minimizing the risk of injury.

3. Yoga
From strength to mental focus, tennis is a demanding sport. One of the best ways to meet them is through yoga, which will be another great addition to your cross training.

Some of the best yoga poses you might want to try include downward-facing dog, reverse hand-to-hand, arms facing cow in a wide-legged position, and lying pigeon. Through these postures,
you can improve the flexibility of the wrists, shoulders, arms, back and legs. Not to mention, it will improve core strength, balance and movement. Yoga can also help you stay calm and focus better. It is an excellent training for the improvement of the sport.

4. Pilates
Like yoga, Pilates is an effective choice for cross-training tennis players. Pilates is a combination of 50 simple and repetitive exercises, effective for muscular effort.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that one of the benefits of Pilates is weight loss, which will allow tennis players to move around the court more easily. In addition, it is effective in improving sports performance, reducing injuries and increasing flexibility.

5. Boxing
Tennis and boxing share many similarities. Therefore, if boxing is part of your training routine, you will be working on your essential skills. From building strength to increasing agility, boxing will take your tennis game to the next level.

Footwork and balance are two of the most important in tennis. Boxing can help improve these skills. At the same time, boxing will also help you build stamina, so you can play multiple matches without getting exhausted easily. Another benefit of boxing for tennis players is that it improves your timing and rhythm.

6. Jump
Jumping rope is another cross training that should be on your radar. It is essential for speed training. It will teach you how to maintain the correct posture to achieve maximum speed, with lessons that also apply to playing tennis.

More so, jumping will improve balance, coordination, and conditioning, so you’ll perform better on the court. Like others on the list, it will build stamina. Plus, it can strengthen your muscles and minimize the risk of injury.

seven. Bodybuilding
Strength exercises are crucial to optimize your performance on the court. With such, don’t forget to include weightlifting in your routine. Endurance, power and strength will be improved.

Strengthening key muscle groups is possible through strength training. For example, it can develop your arm muscles, which need to be strong enough to hold the racquet for a long time. It will also help you hit the ball harder and smash it across the court.

Other ways to boost your tennis game
Since we are already talking about improving your tennis skills, we will also share some tips to become a better player.

– Supplement your workout with whey protein. It contains essential amino acids that improve your body’s recovery process. Barbend’s #1 choice for whey isolate helps increase strength, optimize recovery and boost athletic performance, which is crucial in your cross training and tennis matches.

-Pay attention to the right diet, which should complement your cross-training routine. Fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats and whole grains are among the must-haves.

– Keep watching tennis matches. Whether it’s a live game or online streaming, you’ll learn a lot from watching the pros play. It can inspire you to be better while learning new techniques.

In conclusion
Stun your opponent on the court by incorporating cross training into your tennis routine. From running to weightlifting, the exercises mentioned above are important for improving your physical and mental strength.


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