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Latvian tennis players Alyona Ostapenko and Anastasija Sevastova failed to pass the first leg of the Olympic Games tournament and then lost the double. This means that their participation in the Olympics is over.

Ostapenko and Sevastova failed to make the first leg of the doubles at the Tokyo Olympics. The Latvian team lost to the Australian team with a score of 6-4, 1-6, 10: 5.

Ostapenko lost to Russian Olympic Committee tennis player Elena Vesnina with the score 4-6, 7-6 (7: 2), 4-6. Sevastova lost to French player Fiona Ferro with a score of 6-2, 4-6, 2-6.

Ostapenko is 30th and Vesnina is 305th. Sevastova is 53rd in the WTA ranking system and Ferro is 11 positions lower.

Sevastova was the first to hit the pitch. She started with six unused breakballs, but on the next opponent she scored a point ahead. While in the fifth game Ferro prevented her opponent from breaking his serve, the representative of Latvia managed to do so in the seventh: 5-2. Sevastova won the set and scored 6-2. She also started the second set with confidence, winning her opponent’s serve with 3-0.

Ferro managed to get past the game, pulling out two next serves from Sevastova, equalizing the score. In the tenth game, Sevastova lost to her opponent with a score of 4-6. In the end, Ferro won with a score of 6-2.

Ostapenko and Vesnina have started their match. In the fifth game, Ostapenko broke his opponent’s serve. By the end of the set, Ostapenko had lost two of his serves and lost to his Russian opponent 6-4. Throwing the rack on the floor didn’t help release the emotions.

Ostapenko struggled with his serve in the second set.

Fighting both heat and emotions, Ostapenko attacked with powerful punches that made up for his earlier mistakes.

The second set went without interruption. The winner was determined in a tie-break. In it, Ostapenko took his opponent’s serve three times and took the lead (7: 2).

The third set ended in a 2-2 tie. Eventually, Ostapenko lost his serve, opening up an opportunity for Vesnina. Vesnina scored 40: 0 and got three match balls. Ostapenko fended off two, but was knocked out with the third.

A total of 64 tennis players participate in the one-match tournament. Seven wins are needed to win a title.



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