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Female athletes have shared their concerns about wearing white during menstruation. Continue reading.

Wimbledon is once again in the headlines outside of championship details. Tennis players are challenging the all-white dress code. People are divided on social media, women say it’s stressful to wear white on your period, and the issue has become a topic of debate.

Challenging Wimbledon white dress code

Sports commentator Catherine Whitaker was asked about the strict all-white dress code for female athletes at the Wimbledon Championship. She said, “I wish that would change.”

The commentator added: ‘If they had a dress policy that affected men the same as women, I don’t think that particular tradition would last. I can’t imagine walking into the biggest day of my life, with my period, and having to wear white.

Rio Olympics Gold Medalist Monica Puig tweeted: “Definitely something affecting female athletes! Finally brought to everyone’s attention! Not to mention the mental stress of having to wear white at Wimbledon and praying for not have her period during those two weeks.

The All England Club has announced that ‘women’s health’ is its priority and has pledged to provide players with ‘everything they need’. Athletes wonder if the club would reconsider the all-white dress code.

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Problem with the all-white uniform

Image Courtesy: Aditi Mutatkar/Instagram

Aditi Mutatkar, a commuter from India, once shared an anecdote from days of training sessions when coaches took all female athletes aside to talk about “that time”. They were told there was an exception to wearing colored shorts during menstruation.

However, she confessed that male athletes were unaware of this exception and often called out female athletes for “breaking the rules”. She added: “They (the male athletes) thought something was wrong for four days and then she (a female athlete) went blank and started laughing. I wish this had been addressed openly. and the laughter stopped.

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Mutatkar added, “Because men will never even begin to understand what it is or have a perspective. Tradition is fine, but if 50% of your players aren’t comfortable, you should listen to them.

“Tradition is not green grass and white clothes. It’s the players,” she said.


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