Swedish sport establishes unified anti-corruption agenda


Swedish sports regulators have agreed to form a new anti-corruption program promoting internal cooperation to facilitate the work of investigating match-fixing and other threats.

The development of the program will be led by Riksidrottsf̦rbundet (RF)Рfrom Sweden Sports Confederation responsible for developing protective measures to protect pro-sports in the country against match-fixing threats and corruption.

“The survey proposal means greater opportunities for sports to work with the problem, but also means higher demands for us to be able to handle it. With the establishment of the programs and the work based on them, the special sports federations are preparing to meet these demands, ”said Jakob Uddeholt, Match Fixing Coordinator, Swedish Sports Confederation.

The new RF directive was supported by the governing bodies of the Swedish ski basketball, tennis, volleyball, table tennis and ice hockey associations / federations.

Although the majority of Swedish pro-sports are protected by individual anti-match-fixing programs, supporters of the framework said the national sports scene needs a collaborative framework for prevention work and to support victims. match-fixing investigations underway.

Making sure of her mission, RF said she would develop a new unified education program, to educate athletes about the threats posed by match-fixing and illegal betting.

In addition, the confederation promises to establish a central platform for Swedish governing bodies to exchange data, knowledge and good practice in order to maintain sports integrity.


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