Rangers accuse a group of supporters of waging a ‘propaganda war’ against the club


Rangers have accused some of their supporters of “intent to cause damage to our club”.

The Ibrox club issued a scathing statement on Tuesday, just hours after influential fan group Club 1872 questioned the “judgment, competence and honesty” of the Rangers management team, led by Stewart Robertson, James Bisgrove and David Graham.

Fury erupted following Rangers’ controversial decision to agree to play a friendly against bitter rivals Celtic in Sydney later this year.

Fans believe the move undermines the intensity of the Glasgow derby and protested during Sunday’s Premiership cinch match in Dundee by throwing tennis balls and banners onto the pitch.

The Rangers say the unrest is driven by those with ulterior motives and said the group in question had started a “propaganda war”.

Their statement read: “The remainder of this season is arguably one of the most pivotal periods in our illustrious 150-year history.

“The men’s first team and the women’s team compete for top honors, both at national and European level.

“It is deeply regrettable that the same small rump of ‘supporters’ remain determined to cause damage to our club. Of particular concern is the timing they chose to launch their latest attack.

“It is lost on no one that those who intend to create maximum disruption are those who have enjoyed or sought a role within our club.

“The collective desire of our board, management and players is to have a common goal over the next few months. Rest assured, we will address the disruptors and their propaganda war at the end of this season.

“For now, only the results on the pitch matter.”

Club 1872 said in their statement, released on Tuesday morning, that the Rangers management team had been “dismissive, condescending and at times openly hostile” whenever the fan base attempted to “represent the interests and concerns of supporters on a variety of topics”. such as ticketing, security, disabled facilities, season ticket renewals, Scottish football governance and merchandise issues”.

The statement read: “Unfortunately, the disregard from supporters over this issue (Sydney Cup attendance) is only the tip of the iceberg and continues, although less visibly to the majority of supporters. , for nearly two years.

“It is a source of great regret that we have had to raise these matters publicly, having always attempted to engage privately and constructively with the club, but the current Rangers Football Club caretakers have refused to speak to us privately despite attempts repeated to do so.

“The experience of Club 1872 directors, past and present, is that the Rangers management team, led by Stewart Robertson, James Bisgrove and David Graham, have developed an extremely unhealthy disdain for Rangers support and that information inaccuracies have regularly been disseminated through the club’s own public statements, briefings to fan media and very selective leaks to a small group of people within Rangers support.

“This conduct was not, in our view, intended to further the aims of the club, but rather to serve the interests of a handful of members of plc’s board and management team and to protect them from scrutiny and justified criticism.”


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