If you could be a professional athlete, what sport would you choose?



Summer and life are easy. No school. No homework. Just long evenings where you can lie down and ponder life’s big questions.

For example, if you could be a professional athlete in any sport, which would you choose? I remember asking myself this question with my best friend, Benny, many summers ago.

Lots of kids like football, but maybe it’s not a good choice. The average career for a player in the National Football League (NFL) is just over three years. For some players, like running backs, it’s shorter. There’s a good chance you’ll hurt yourself. I would pass football.

It’s the same with hockey. I like the speed of the game, but hockey is tough. With the playoffs, the National Hockey League (NHL) season can span over 100 games. I don’t know how anyone manages to get through an entire season.

Benny and I played on a baseball team called the Pirates, so we thought being a major leaguer would be best. You can get hurt playing baseball, but it’s not as hard as football or hockey. Now, the average Major League Baseball (MLB) player earns more than $4 million per season.

The average National Basketball Association (NBA) player earns about twice as much as the average MLB player. Maybe being an NBA player is the way to go. I mean who wouldn’t want to be Stephen Curry?

Let’s also talk about women’s professional sport. Unlike years ago, there are now professional leagues for women’s ice hockey, fast softball, and even women’s soccer. Unfortunately, these leagues are small and don’t pay as much as men’s sports.

The Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) has been competing since 1997. With 12 teams, the competition for players to keep a spot on the roster is fierce. Anyone who makes it through the WNBA must be very good.

Men and women compete in golf and tennis. Some golfers have traveled the world playing on the professional circuit for over 20 years. Sounds good, but if the golfer doesn’t play well, he doesn’t make money. There are no guaranteed contracts in golf like in other sports.

Tennis pros are also world travelers. The truth is, however, that while stars like Rafael Nadal and Naomi Osaka make a lot of money, most professional tennis players don’t.

Most sports are tough, and we haven’t even mentioned football yet. Although the most popular sport has professional leagues – men’s and women’s – around the world, almost every kid tries the game. That means the competition to turn pro is intense.

So which sport will you choose? Basketball? Baseball? Golf? Or something else?

Think about it. But don’t forget to enjoy the summer and make sure you always practice the sports you love.


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