“I like sports but I don’t know” – Barty on turning to golf instead of tennis


Ashleigh Barty has been playing golf as a hobby for a long time and although she loves the sport, getting into it professionally is a big unknown for her.

Barty stunned the tennis world when she announced her sudden retirement from tennis following the Australian Open triumph. For those who knew her, it didn’t come as a surprise, but for many fans it certainly was. Since then, Barty has spent a lot of time in Australia, which she enjoys the most, but golf is a hobby she has also enjoyed since retirement.

Barty is an avid golfer who uses the sport to disconnect from tennis and she is actually in St. Andrews this week to watch the 150th Open Championship. Speaking to reporters there, Barty admitted she wasn’t sure if she would ever commit to playing golf professionally:

“You never get that answer. I love sports, it’s been a hobby of mine for a long time, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be fully committed to getting out on the field and doing the required practice and discipline, but I love sports. sport .”

She continued:

“With tennis, it’s so different. Tennis is a fast, reactive and responsive sport. Golf is the complete opposite. It’s slow, you have time to think, you have control and time to think. analyze what you need to do. It’s a polar opposite, and almost a form of meditation when I was playing tennis. It’s a lot of fun. It can be frustrating, but I really like it.


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