Be sporty! pay more

Staying in shape becomes an expensive affair as prices for sports and gym equipment rise

Does your fitness plan include sports or go to the gym? So be prepared for an increase in the price you pay to stay fit. Many gym and sports accessories are becoming expensive due to a drastic price hike.

For example, a conveyor belt (2.5 HP AC Motor) which cost Rs 1,03,250 is now being sold for Rs 1,16,250. A DC motor (2.5 HP AC motor) treadmill that was previously sold for Rs 82,500 is now priced at Rs 93,500. experienced a drastic increase.

Shyam R, a badminton player, said: “Sporting activity in the city is now reaching pre-Covid levels with a lot of return outside and indoor courts practice.

However, it is shocking to see the price increase.

Playing professional sports is becoming an expensive business in the city. For example, a volleyball that used to cost Rs 580 now sells for Rs 760. Shoes now cost 5% more plus hiking in all categories. A cricket bat that previously cost Rs 1,200 is now priced at Rs 1,500. Cricket pads have seen a hike from Rs 1,400 to Rs 1,749.

The government should step in to control prices, otherwise playing sports will become an expensive business and many will be left behind

Chidananda Gowda, student

Nandeesh, who runs a sports store, said: “We are the recipients of customers who question the price hike. However, we are helpless. We saw a big drop in sales during covid and sales are only picking up now. However, rising prices are once again forcing customers out. It’s not just a price hike because some items are very hard to come by.

For example, there is a huge demand for the type four of the Winson balls which are very difficult to obtain. Tennis balls which are not only used for playing lawn tennis but also cricket (most of the cricket matches played in the city for recreational purposes use tennis balls) are seeing an increase in price.

Sports retailers say there are several reasons for the price hike. “Overall, inflation has caught up in all sectors. Due to rising input costs, sporting goods are experiencing a price revision. Rising fuel prices also contributed to the price increase. There has been a high price of metal cost, which explains the high cost of many gym equipment.

Due to the strict confinements in China, imports from the neighboring country also hampered the supply chain. Since there are few local manufacturers, the demand has increased so much that supplies do not match, which has also led to higher prices. »

“It is unfortunate that there is no regulation regarding the price increase of sporting goods. We have seen that whenever the prices of vegetables or cement rise, customers revolt and try to pressure the government to lower taxes or introduce regulations to reduce prices. However, there is no such pressure from sportsmen. In fact during the covid lockdown we saw how essential sports are as many were inside homes affecting people both physically and mentally.

The government should encourage sports to keep people healthy and social. At the same time, the government should intervene to control prices, otherwise playing sports will become an expensive business and many will be left behind,” said student Chidananda Gowda.


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