A French tennis player slaps his opponent after losing a match


A tennis tournament in Ghana quickly turned into a brawl after one of the players slapped his opponent after losing. The unpleasant incident was filmed by onlookers and widely shared on the internet. The tennis match was between French player Michael Kouame and Ghanaian Raphael Nii Ankrah. They were playing in the first round of the ITF junior tournament in Ghana where the 15-year-old French tennis player lost the match against Ankrah.

In the clip uploaded by a user on Twitter, Kouame was seen walking towards the net after losing the game. He waits for Ankrah to shake his hand but shockingly ends up slapping his opponent. Surprised by the slap, Ankrah even argues for a moment with Kouame. However, the reason for Kouame’s action could not be established.

In a later video uploaded by the same user, it could be seen how the slap caused a ruckus at the match venue. Soon, the tennis players’ supporters fought against each other and turned the junior tournament into an ugly brawl.

The video was first shared by the Functional Tennis podcast who later said in an Instagram Story that they were taking down the clip. A Ghana-based tennis coach then managed to get the video and posted it on Twitter, the New York Post reported.

Ankrah had managed to beat Kouame, who was the No. 1 seed in the tournament. While Kouame is ranked No. 589 in the ITF Junior Rankings, Ankrah is currently ranked No. 1688. The Ghanaian player then advanced to the second round after the first round ended with scores (6-2, 6 -7, 7-6). Ankrah will now face Ishmael Nii Nortey Dowuona, also from Ghana. On Tuesday, Ankrah played a doubles match against Frenchman Mickael Kaouk and Italian Davide Brunetti.

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