5 Most Famous Indian Table Tennis Players


Table tennis is an amazing game that has been known for a long time. It is the most flexible game that individuals play to this point! It has gained immense popularity and has a large number of dynamic players around the world!

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Indian table tennis has already done great things. The country has also produced good talent over time, but its progress is slow.

India is blessed with these table tennis sportsmen who never fail to stun us with their amazing abilities. Since its inception, India has also carried various great sportsmen of table tennis. The Tokyo Olympics saw Indian table tennis reach a new level thanks to players such as Batra and Sharath.

Here are the top Indian table tennis Olympic competitors:

1. Manika Batra

Manika Batra is an Indian table tennis player born on June 15, 1995 in Delhi, India. She calls from Naraina Vihar in Delhi and started playing table tennis late in her day to day life. In 2011, Batra won the silver medal in the under-21 request for the Chile Open.

She represented India at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. She finished in the quarterfinals and in addition to the 2014 Asian Games. Manika qualified for the women’s singles event of the 2016 Summer Olympics. It was by charming the South Asian group of ability competitions in April 2016. However, her appearance at the 2016 Olympics was fleeting, as she lost to Katarzyna Franc-Grzybowska of Poland in the first round of the women’s individual event.

2. Ashanta Sharath Kamal

India’s most skilled paddler is a man with a mission. Third in the crowd at the Riocentro from August 6 to 17, the Olympian from Athens in 2004 and Beijing in 2008 carried the team on his shoulders.

Winner Arjuna is the first Indian to win a singles title on the ITTF Pro Tour.

An ideal knee injury in 2015 conceded his Olympic ability until April this year. Either way, the 33-year-old table tennis star has booked his place in the world’s most successful event. This ensued to win a gold medal in the final leg of the men’s singles of the Stage 2 event at the Asian Olympic competition.

3. Mouma Das

Mouma Das was born on February 24, 1984 in West Bengal. She started playing table tennis for obvious reason in 1993. At this point, Mouma Das is the No. 2 female player in India.

A high-level table tennis player, she had also established herself in the lower levels. Mouma’s best achievement was probably the bronze medal she won at the 2001 Commonwealth Games.

Mouma Das has also participated in the national women’s doubles championship twice. Mouma Das became a national hero several times at the sub-junior level, national boss and national hero in cadet.

4. Sathiyan Gnanasekaran

Sathiyan Gnanasekaran is one of the newest names on the Indian table tennis circuit to catch on. Alongside Sharath Kamal, Sathiyan Gnanasekaran has been one of those who watches whenever a World Table Tennis competition takes place.

Arjuna Laureate, G Sathiyan is also a regular in various associations in Europe and Asia.

G Sathiyan made her debut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, where she was on course for a women’s triumph before eventually falling in seven games to Hong Kong’s Lam Siu Hang in the next round.

5. Manav Thakkar

A native of Rajkot, Manav Thakkar rose to acclaim in 2020 when he became the first Indian to secure the top position in the world by positioning himself in the under-21 class.

Born into a family of specialists, both of his parents are clinical professionals, Manav Thakkar took up table tennis and different games just to stay in shape.

However, over time India’s youth were introduced to the game and with reliable exposures at the grassroots level, they soon found themselves among the hopefuls of the public group.

In the public camps, it was the criticisms of the former Indian mentor Massimo Constantini who helped the young Indian to fulfill his certainties.

It did amazing things for Manav Thakkar as he was part of the Indian squad for the 2018 Asian Games and came back with a bronze squad decoration from Jakarta.


Other notable Indian paddlers include Kamlesh Mehta, who was the highest ranked Indian player in the 1980s, Olympians Neha Aggarwal and Ankita Das, and Commonwealth Games medalists Anthony Amalraj and Harmeet Desai.

The aforementioned players have been a source of pride for India and have performed admirably for the country. They have always tried to present the nation with a moment of pride. It will be very easy to remember the names of some forgotten national table tennis players with the help of this article.


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