Sports-oriented games


Do you like casino games ? In this article, check out the best sports themed games eg soccer, tennis, rugby. All experienced players play these casino games and enjoy the atmosphere as well as their winnings.

Why should you try them

Slot machines are the best casino games are gaming devices where the player places a bet by inserting coins (or virtual coins in the case of slot machines) to make the user a virtual device. For each 3-reel slot machine, the player who draws them draws an addiction (or in the case of virtual slots, the spin button on casino slots). The symbol on the entertainment level rotates. When a stop is made, a win is awarded on the transfer of symbols to the payline. An alignment drawn on a virtual line that automatically passes through the reels, generated by the pattern of symbols on that line, gives you a win.

Rugby Star Slots

If you are a big fan of Rugby World Cup, you will definitely want to tackle ‘Rugby Star’, a virtual slot machine made by Microgaming. If you are unsure, don’t pass up this opportunity – because we think you will definitely want to try it out when you play Winning bet who has this entertainment on their list. Plenty of entertainment is also on offer including Rugby Star Stacked Wilds, Wild Pass feature, scattered rugby balls, free spins to boot! And even if you are more of a football fan, you will also enjoy the wide range of stakes that will allow a wide range of slots players to mingle and take part in the action.

Slot machines of tennis stars

If you are a tennis enthusiast, you may be familiar with this tennis-based entertainment that is currently popping up on the web. Tennis Stars is featured in brand new online casinos offering quality sports-themed entertainment.

We know you might have some doubts, with the question “how much fun can tennis based slots really be?” », Often asked on various portals of virtual casino. Well, we took the plunge and walked out onto the grass, casting an objective gaze on this brand new version of Playtech.

Every slot machine should have a good user interface because without it the entertainment can be a bit heavy to find winning combinations. Simply put, the Tennis Stars user interface is great, thanks in large part to its organization.

You will be able to find in its options the automatic start, the alignments, the bet by row, the max bet, the bet and the turn. You change the number of lines you want to play and the line-up bet by clicking on their respective buttons. On top of that, you can sort of do it all by hitting the max bet button, which really lets you do it all.

Football slots

This football fun is designed for lovers of sports activities and money fun, taking them to the football field of big wins. Don’t be fooled by a simple name “football blah blah” and a funny cartoon, this game will appeal to a large audience and is not at all predictable! Whether you are a football fan or not, these entertainments will not leave you indifferent.

You will be able to experience what this fun looks like in the online Captain Cook games which offer the possibility to discover the games you want to play. Among the icons used on the reels, you can appreciate the real characters, such as yellow and red cards, a shoe, a goalkeeper glove, a cup, a whistle and a stopwatch. Apart from them, signs of Jack’s cards also appear on the screen.

The Joker (one cup) is paid out on its own and replaces the other symbols, except the Bonus, in combinations. The scatter symbol (cards) is paid regardless of its location on the screen and bonuses are calculated based on the total stake. The reward (the football referee’s whistle) triggers free spins.

Basketball Video Slots

Evoplay Entertainment Company presents an exciting sports basketball slot machine. The game takes players directly to the stadium stands. Immerse yourself in the great gaming atmosphere of The stars of the NBA to the cheers of the crowd.

The Basketball Slot Machine is a 5 reel, 20 row video slot machine offering a bunch of profitable rewards. Entertainment offers 8 free spins features with Sticky wilds. In addition, the wild symbol brings a re-spin, increasing your chances of re-spin.


To sum up, it must be said that a winning combination can be found in all the best casinos offering sports themed slots. Whether it’s soccer, tennis, or whatever sport you think is the best sport, it’s easy to try them out and find out what’s right. Chance games exist for various sports, so there is always a chance to find something new or unexpected.


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