Six exercises to improve your tennis game


Tennis is a deceptively difficult sport to master. While the pros can make it feel like a walk in the park, a tight game of tennis can push the body to overwhelming levels of exertion.

One example is the men’s final of the 2012 Australian Open, between Novak Djokavic and Rafael Nadal. A gargantuan display of physical power, agility and endurance, the two heavyweights pained him for 5 hours 53 exhausting minutes.

As Djokovic and Nadal demonstrated that day, to be a top tennis player you have to spend a tremendous amount of time developing your physical attributes. Gone are the days of relying only on skills; the athletes we see on our screens today are finely tuned machines.

For club or park players, this improvement in fitness can make all the difference in tennis performance. It is a sport that relies on short, precise sprints and constant changes in technique. Focusing only on racquet technique will not take you to the next level.

With that in mind, here are some simple drills and agility drills you can incorporate into your training program to improve your speed and agility in the field.

1. Pogo jumps / Lateral line jumps

Pogo jumps are a great exercise to introduce at the start of a plyometric workout. The exercise is essentially about jumping vertically, jumping off using only your ankles.


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