Meet “Drone-ovic”, the drone that tries to improve your tennis game


LONDON – Have you ever wished your service game was at Novak Djokovic’s level?

Now you can. Kind of.


This drone is controlled with a smartwatch, but is it good?

Virgin Active has launched what it says is the first drone designed to enhance the tennis training experience. Nicknamed “The Drone-ovic”, it is designed to launch balls from all angles and to great heights impossible to reach by traditional ball machines.

In addition, Drone-ovic is equipped with a tiny 4K camera that gives players and their coaches an overview of their game, allowing them to analyze the technical aspects of their performance.

“What’s great about Drone-ovic is that it recreates the serve and smash experience with greater precision,” said Gary Stewart, head of rackets at Virgin Active, in a sent press release. To Mashable. “By dropping tennis balls from unexpected high angles, members stay alert and improve technique and agility.”

‘Drone-ovic’ pays homage to elite Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic and his notoriously wicked service.
Credit: CPG Photography Ltd

The drone is field tested at the Virgin Active Collection Club in Northwood, where it is checked by a team of experts. If you look very closely you will notice a thin plastic line from which the ball is suspended. When the ball is ready to be released, the line detaches from a hook inside the Drone-ovic to the waiting player below.

While we’re not convinced Drone-ovic will bring us into Wimbledon anytime soon, it does seem like a pretty nifty tool to practice this ace!

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