10 pro tips to improve your tennis game


Work your lower body

Just as the most expensive, luxurious, and luxurious building would crumble if built on shaky foundations, your game of tennis is exactly the same. Lower body and core strength is essential to being a good player. Most players don’t realize that their shots start from zero. It is the loss of balance during the striking phase that contributes the most to the loss of control of the racquet head and therefore to the loss of control of the ball. In addition to exercises, strengthen your legs and core with exercises such as single-leg bridges, forward, backward, and side lunges, and side bounds.

Breathe correctly

Exhaling upon contact can help you shift your weight and hit cleaner punches. Exhaling when you hit the ball is a good signal that you are “on time” and ready to hit the ball in a relaxed manner, which is essential to allow your body weight to move through the ball. The tightness prevents things from moving freely. Also, breathing properly will prevent you from getting tired as quickly.

Think quality over quantity

One hour of focused training is far more efficient – ​​and effective – than three unfocused hours. Try to present yourself with a sense of purpose. This is important when stepping onto a court. Always have a clear goal before every training session and give it your all, even if you have little time. Also, remember not to be too hard on yourself. One of the interesting things about tennis is that it’s not easy. Sometimes we love that challenge, but tennis doesn’t love you back. Don’t beat yourself up – stubborn perfectionism is the fastest path to frustration. The brain and body work best when relaxed.


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