PaydayNow: After deportation, Novak Djokovic missed out on a lucrative payday as well as a chance to make tennis history.


The decision has been made that Novak Djokovic will not be able to take part in the Australian Open that will take place later this month. This decision was made after a ruling that favored the Australian government endorsed the decision of the government to terminate his visa and remove him from Australia. This decision was made after a ruling that favored the Australian government. The ruling of the court gave credence to the decision of the Australian government to have him deported from the country.

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Djokovic had intended to make a great start to the tennis season by winning his 21st major tournament, but now he will have to watch the competition from home as it proceeds without him. Djokovic had planned to win his 21st major title to get the tennis season off to a strong start. The objective of Djokovic’s strategy for the forthcoming tennis season was to win his 21st major title and get off to a good start in the competition.

Despite the fact that his most recent bid to become the top tennis player in the world was a failure, Novak Djokovic had every intention of departing Australia on Sunday evening. This was despite the fact that he had just played in the Australian Open.

The tennis pro from Serbia will also be out of luck when it comes to the potentially significant compensation that he would have received for winning the Australian Open. If he had won, he would have been eligible for this reward. If he had prevailed in the competition, he would have been qualified to claim the award here.

It is anticipated that the winner of the men’s singles competition will walk away with prize money totaling approximately $2.1 million, and they will be entitled to keep all of that money.

Djokovic came into the competition having won the previous three editions of the Australian Open, giving him a total of nine titles before the visa scandal caused him to stay in a hotel in Melbourne and ultimately forced him to leave Australia and the country. Before the scandal, Djokovic had already won a total of nine titles. Djokovic has been victorious at the Australian Open in each of the tournament’s three most recent iterations.

According to Niko Kokovic, the events that transpired during his time in Australia can be summed up in two words: “very dissatisfying” and “uncomfortable.” In addition to this, he considers his time spent in Australia to have been “uncomfortable” because to the open focus of the country. He says this is because of the country’s attention on homosexuality. He makes this statement because of the focus that society places on homosexuality.

Due to the fact that Djokovic had not previously received the coronavirus vaccination, which was a prerequisite for participation in the competition, he was ineligible to take part. As a direct consequence of this, he was unable to participate in the contest. On the other hand, despite his injury, he was given a medical exemption so that he could continue competing. This enabled him to win the competition. As soon as he entered the country, he was arrested since officials at the border announced that his exemption did not qualify; this was the beginning of the ordeal that lasted for ten days. This was the beginning of the ordeal.

Djokovic stated that he was “very dissatisfied” with the judgement that was decided by the court on Sunday. Djokovic’s statement was made in reference to the outcome of the case. The court has rendered its decision and handed down the verdict. He was receiving an exceptionally high degree of attention as a result of the verdict, which caused him to feel “uncomfortable.” This attention is a direct result of the verdict that was handed down.


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